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Our Brands

The Harrisons brand launched in 2010 and has been an unprecedented success within the market place. The brand itself stands for consistently in quality and service in the market place. Harrisons is the brand for everyone and every market, its unmistakeable presence has lead to the phrase “Make mine a Harrisons” from many a consumer.

Diners Delight is the original foodservice brand that has been touted for many years as “the perfect compliment” to any and all meals.


The Pili Pili brand is both an old and a new brand, originating from the East Africa region of the world, gives a different spicy flavour to your lifestyle, with our special mix of herbs and spice the Pilli Pilli sauce is something that you will always remember.

The Livingston’s World Cuisine brand, a brand that brings together the staple snacks of a region and the perfect dip, to make you feel that the world is in your hand!